SMOGER, Ilene J.

Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas

Ilene J. Smoger Sensei, the director of training for OKCD, has been training since 1975, holds the rank of Nanadan (7th Dan) given to her directly by Eizo Shimabukuro O'Sensei in the Shorin Ryu Karate system. O'Sensei also awarded her the rank of Sandan (3rd Dan) in Toei Jujutsu. In addition, Smoger Sensei also holds the rank of Nanadan (7th Dan) in Shudokan Karate, under the late Shibucho Walter Todd.

Smoger Sensei began her martial arts training in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1975 under Garrick Hu Sensei, the Director of Training at the Asian Martial Arts Studio. She was also instructed there by Karl Scott III Sensei, who is currently Co-Shibucho in the U.S. Shudokan Karatedo system. Smoger Sensei continued her training with Barbara Christensen Sensei from Ann Arbor, Michigan and was Christensen Sensei's first student. Christensen Sensei, who holds the rank of Nanadan (7th Dan) by Shimabukuro O'Sensei, Yondan (4th Dan) by Todd Sensei and the rank of Shodan (1st Dan) in Aikido, continues to be Smoger Sensei's primary instructor.

Smoger Sensei teaches martial arts all over the country. She has instructed at the 1996 Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists (PAWMA) and at the 2003, 2005 and 2006 Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI) conferences. In 1997 she was honored by the World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as "The Woman of the Year in the Martial Arts." In 2004, she received the Sensei of Merit award at the International Martial Arts Symposium in South Carolina. In 2007, she was the Co-Events Coordinator and one of the instructors at the AWMAI conference. In 2012, Smoger Sensei was honored by AWMAI for over 30 years of teaching.