TOYAMA, Kanken


Kanken was a Japanese schoolteacher and karate master, who developed the foundation for the Shudokan karate style. On March 20, 1930, he opened his first dojo in Tokyo. He named his dojo Shu Do Kan meaning the “hall for the study of the karate way.” Toyama taught what he had learned from Itosu and the art of Ch’uan Fa and did not claim to have originated a new style of karate. In 1946, Toyama founded the All Japan Karate-Do Federation (AJKF) with the intention of unifying the various forms of karate of Japan and Okinawa under one governing organization. The Japanese government gave Toyama Sensei the title of "Master Instructor" and the authority to award Judan (10th Dan) in any system of Okinawan or Japanese karatedo. Toyama issued certificate No. 25 to Shimabukuro O’Sensei and No. 26 to Walter Todd, Shibucho.